Rocket Internet starts in-home care service Pflegetiger in Germany

Pflegetiger optimizes shift planning and allows care professionals to spend significantly more time with their patients // Concept of a neighborhood-based care service reduces the time spent on duty strokes // The team currently employs 40 qualified care professionals (registered nurses and elderly care nurses)

Home care service Pflegetiger (“Care Tiger”) has announced its start in Berlin today. The company backed by Rocket Internet aims to improve home care service with a new approach. For the team led by the founders Constantin Rosset, Moritz Lienert and Philipp Puenjer, trust and time are the key to success. Pflegetiger focuses on an optimized shift planning process by assigning care professionals to patients in the neighbourhood they live in. This reduces travel time to and in between the patients significantly. Thus, care professionals can spend more time with the patients instead of on the road. In most traditional in-home care companies the travel times between patients make up a significant part of the working hours and hence reduce the time available to be spend with the patients.

“In a traditional care service in Germany, a nurse takes care of over 30 patients on average per day. We have started Pflegetiger with the approach of an optimized and neighborhood-based shift planning that allows our employees to spend more time with their patients”, says founder Moritz Lienert. “To hurry from one patient to the next with high time pressure is not satisfying at all, neither for the nurses nor for the patients they take care of. Our staff takes care of less than 10 patients on average a day.”

In addition to the neighborhood-approach, Pflegetiger combines two care aspects that are normally separated in Germany. The nurses provide basic care (such as washing a patient) as well as medical care (as injections or wound treatment). This way Pflegetiger avoids having two different nurses visiting the same patient, which is actually the most common practice in Germany.

“The individual needs of our patients are essential to us. The outdated German in-home care sector needs new solutions that allows nurses and patients to have a trustful relationship. We are working on integrating technologies into our service to further smoothen the process of shift planning. Still, home care is a service from one human being to another. That’s why Pflegetiger allows nurses to spend more time with their patients and reduces the daily stress and hurries”, adds Lienert.

The demand for home care in Germany is rising dramatically. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the number of people in need is expected to rise to 4.7 Million by 2060. Between 2000 and 2015 alone the expenses of the German compulsory long-term care insurance increased from EUR 16.67 Billion to EUR 29.01 Billion per year.

About Pflegetiger
Pflegetiger is an in-home care service for all care levels that caters to the individual needs of its patients. The company believes that a good relationship between care professionals and patients is the key for a respectful relationship and high quality care. Thanks to the neighborhood-based approach he care pros have more time for the patients and can support them based on their individual needs in their everyday life.

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